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 Al Kawtar
Al Kawtar was founded in 2006 ...

Mission & Vision
Al Kawtar was founded in 2006 and is organized as a no-profit association, where all the women are full members and collectively responsible for its concerns, issues and interests.

The Centre offers full day care, including meals, technical, medical and personal assistance.

The Centre includes an embroidery workshop which also offers apprenticeships to those disabled young girls and women who did not learn a craft.

The midterm aim is to provide these women with the possiblity to independently earn their living in a safe environment and in dignity.

In addition to working skills the Centre seeks to promote literacy as well as self-esteem and the overall spiritual and physical well-being of all its members.

Al Kawtar - Rue Laksour 57 - 40000 Marrakech
T: +212 (0) 24 378293 - info (at) alkawtar.org - www.alkawtar.org - Sitemap